The Importance of Home Inspections

Why should homebuyers have a home inspection before purchasing a home? It’s the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime, and most buyers don’t know everything they should about the conditions of the exterior, roof, interior, appliances, electrical, plumbing, insulation/ventilation, and HVAC systems in the home. The main goal of the home inspector is to help the buyer feel confident in their purchase decision, that the home they’ve bought is the right one or possibly the wrong one, based on the information gathered at the inspection.

Its extremely important for the buyer to attend the inspection. It’s a great learning experience to walk the property with the inspector, ask questions, take notes, and become acquainted with the home. The buyer will learn where the main shutoffs are located for the gas, electricity, and water. The inspector will disclose any major concerns present, safety issues, recommended repairs, and those components that the buyer should plan to replace in the near future. The inspector will also stress all the positive aspects of the home and provide valuable information regarding recommended improvements and maintenance items, to keep the home in good working order.

Pricing for an inspection is typically based on the age, current conditions, and size of the home. Older homes, home with visible wear and tear, and those with significant square footage will require more time. Newer dwellings, townhomes, apartments, condominiums, and other smaller dwellings will take much less time. As noted earlier, the buyers should look at the money spent on the inspection as purchasing confidence in their buying decision. If the home is found to be in mint condition with little or no defects, then the buyer has purchased piece of mind. If several major defects are found during the home inspection, then the money spent will have been found to be a good return on investment if there will be significant expense to bring the home up to more acceptable standards.

A written report will be delivered by the inspector to the buyer shortly after the inspection is completed. The inspector will discuss the findings with the buyer at anytime, and answer any questions upon request.

Home inspection… a wise decision whether you’re buying, selling, or simply preserving the value of your home!

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