The word “money” creates different emotions with different people.  Some love it. Others hate it. Some fear it. Some worship it! Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s what makes the world go round!

Dr. Kathleen Gurney, CEO Financial Psychology Corporation, says that not only
do we have a physical self, and emotional self and a social self, we also have a
“money/financial” self.  In fact, she describes 9 distinct money personality types!

Which one are you?

Achiever – Usually a college graduate—mostly married!  They feel work and effort will pay off in the long run. They tend to distrust others’ honesty when it comes to money. Being the “take-charge” type, they have a strong need to control their money.

Entrepreneurs – Usually rank as the higher income earners, they tend to be workaholics who are not motivated by money alone. They use it as a scorecard to measure their success.  They reward themselves with the best cars, homes, wines, and investing in the stock market is their favored strategy.

High Rollers – Money brings them instant power and recognition.  They are creative, competitive, and extroverted—they work hard and play harder and money for them is an emotional release.  They prefer to risk their assets rather than sit back and be bored by financial security.

Hunters – Usually highly educated, average to above-average income earners who make purchase decisions with their hearts rather than their heads.  They have a strong work ethic, but attribute their success to “luck” versus ability and judgment.  They lack confidence when it comes to making good decisions about money.

Money Masters – They are the number one wealth accumulators—even though they don’t earn the most money.  They enjoy being involved in investing their money and enjoy what money brings them.  They trust the recommendations of others and make sound investments.

Perfectionists – They are afraid of making a mistake—so they also avoid making decisions with their money.  They consider every angle and find fault with almost all investment decisions.  They do TRY to save, but often lack self-esteem when it comes to investing.

Producers – They work hard, desire more money, but they feel that they have difficulty in “getting ahead”.  They don’t understand how the money system works and lack the confidence to make financial decisions—because they don’t take the time to understand them.

Optimists – They are often near retirement age—and the money they have saved has brought them peace of mind.  Their money decisions may be impulsive, but not high risk.  However, they are not highly involved with investments or taxes—which could cause stress later on.

Safety Players – They are average earners and most of their money goes into safe and secure investments.  They miss opportunities for more financial growth by not taking calculated risks.  They feel they are doing just fine—and are resistant to making any changes to their investment strategies.

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